Are you trying to decide on a facility management system for your core facility? There are many platforms available to choose from now and let’s face it, none of them are perfect, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find one that works well for your facility. Join us for our next SRL Perspectives session as we go through some tips on choosing and implementing the right platform for your facility!


  • Vera Tang, University of Ottawa (CCMA)
  • Jessica Back, Karmanos Caner Institute (Guest Moderator))


  • Mathieu Kouri, University of Ottawa, IT Specialist
  • Chloe Van Oosted-Triplet, University of Ottawa, Core Facility Manager
  • Marie-Helene Lacombe, McGill University Health Centre, Core Facility Manager
  • Aja Rieger, University of Alberta, Core Facility Manager

Meet the Cores of Canada: 

  • Christine Zhang – Flow Cytometry Core Facility Manager, University of Manitoba


Session Recording:


Series: BD Biosciences

Session: Agendo, Agilent, Clustermarket and Stratocore