Aja Rieger, PhD
Aja Rieger, PhDCo-President
Manager – Flow Cytometry Facility
University of Alberta, Edmonton
Caterina Di Ciano-Oliveira, PhD
Caterina Di Ciano-Oliveira, PhDCo-President
Bioimaging Manager – Research Core Facilities,
Unity Health Toronto, Toronto
Vera Tang, PhD
Vera Tang, PhDVice‐President
Operations Manager – Flow Cytometry & Virometry Core Facility
University of Ottawa, Ottawa
Marie-Hélène Lacombe
Marie-Hélène LacombeTreasurer
Immunophenotyping Platform, MUHC Research Institute,
Montreal General Hospital
 Patricia D.A. Lima, PhD
Patricia D.A. Lima, PhDSecretary
Scientist and Assistant Professor,
Molecular Imaging and Cytometry Specialist,
Department of Medicine, Queen’s University, Kingston
Christine Zhang, PhD
Christine Zhang, PhDMember
Flow Cytometry Core Facility Manager,
University of Manitoba
Lai Xu, MSc
Lai Xu, MScMember
Flow Cytometry Core Facility Technologist,
Flow Cytometry Core Facility, University of Alberta, Edmonton
Desmond Pink, PhD
Desmond Pink, PhDMember
Department of Oncology
University of Alberta, Edmonton