We have all heard of super resolution microscopy (SRM), and let’s face it, who doesn’t want to try something super? But there are so many different types of SRM out there that it is often overwhelming to decide if you actually need SRM and if so, what is the right technology for the application. Join us in our “Getting Started with SRM” webinar, where we will ask expert panelists to share their advice and experience on getting started with SRM.


  • Desmond Pink, PhD (University of Alberta and APCARI)
  • Caterina Di Ciano-Oliveira, PhD (Unity Health Toronto, Bioimaging Facility Manager)


  • Paul Paroutis, MSc (SickKids Research Institute, Imaging Facility)
  • Kevin Conway, PhD (University Health Network, Advanced Optical Microscopy Facility and Deep Six Imaging)
  • Thomas Stroh, PhD (The Neuro – Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital)

Meet the Cores of Canada: 

CHU de Quebec Research Center Bioimaging Platform (Sachiko Sato)

Session Recording:


Series: BD Biosciences