You have been asked to purchase the “best” instrument to suit the needs of the department/institution for the next 5 years. Awesome! But wait – there are so many investigators and multiple themes of research. How do you satisfy everyone’s needs? Do they even know what they need? You’ve been given a specific budget, but your preferred instrument is already well in excess of the budget. Some investigators are demanding that you purchase a different system because the vendor sold them on the “versatility” and the price is closer to the budget; but that instrument is only appropriate for their specific research…

Join us and our expert panel for a discussion around important considerations for choosing the right instrument for your SRL.


  • Desmond Pink, PhD (Nanostics, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada)
  • Emily C. Reddy, PhD (SickKids-UHN Flow Cytometry Facility, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada)

Guest Panelists:

  • Rachael Sheridan (Van Andel Institute, Grand Rapids, MI, USA)
  • Steve Ogg (Cell lmaging Centre, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada)
  • Rob Salomon (Institute of Biomedical Materials and Device, University of Technology Sydney, Australia)
  • Monica Delay (Technical Application Support at Cytek Biosciences)

Meet the Cores of Canada: 

Queen’s CardioPulmonary Unit (QCPU)

Session Recording:


Series: BD Biosciences


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