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Nanoscale Flow Cytometry - Ottawa


Please save the date: October 24 - 26, 2018 

University of Ottawa, Roger Guidon Hall
Ottawa, Canada


Nanoscale Flow Cytometry for Cancer, Infection and Disease – We invite you to participate on October 24 - 26, 2018. Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA.  

The study of extracellular vesicles has attracted considerable interest in the research community as they have emerged as key mediators in cellular communication regulating diverse biological processes. Nanoscale Flow cytometry is becoming one of the main modalities to analyze extracellular vesicles. Researchers are seeing their flow cytometers in a new light. With some adjustment to protocols, instrument modifications, and added controls, conventional flow cytometers can be used to analyze submicron-sized cell-derived membranous structures such as extracellular vesicles, viruses, organelles, and much more. This meeting will showcase research in cancer, infection, and disease; specifically on the role of extracellu lar vesicles and viruses, with a focus on using flow cytometry as an analysis method. Speakers will include researchers from Canada and US. Talks will range in topics from basic research to technical applications from experts in the field of nanoscale flow cytometry sharing insights on controls, basics on instrument setup, and sample preparation.

Also being offered this year is a workshop run by the uOttawa flow core where attendees will learn to set up a flow cytometer for small particle analysis using samples provided by core facility. Space is limited as there will be a maximum of two participants per instrument, with a total of 5 instruments. Registration for this workshop is required and is separate from the meeting. Other features of this meeting include: Flow cytometry-themed product show, talks from vendors on flow cytometry applications, BD Guided Panel Solutions tutorial (hands -on in computer lab), and Travel Awards sponsored by the CCMA. uOttawa conference rates for local hotels are available. To apply for travel awards and access uOttawa hotel rates, please contact the uOttawa Flow Core for details. This is a great opportunity for networking and meeting researchers and other core facility members in the field of nanoscale flow cytometry. 

Meeting registration: https://www.thelangloislab.com/#/events/

Workshop registration: flowcore@uottawa.ca 

See you in 2018 in Ottawa!

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